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(Note that FandangoNOW is not available on the Roku classic models.)

General / Account Questions

Who Is FandangoNOW?

FandangoNOW is a video on demand service offering a wide selection of movies and TV shows. Unlike traditional channels available on Roku, FandangoNOW is integrated into the Roku experience making it even easier to buy or rent movies & TV shows, including the newest releases. FandangoNOW is supported on a variety of platforms; computers, tablets, smart TVs and of course Roku!

Do I need an FandangoNow account?

You don’t need an FandangoNOW account to browse what’s available, but you’ll need an account to rent or purchase content or to add to your Watchlist.

How do I create an FandangoNow account?

You can create an FandangoNOW account right from your Roku player. You’ll be prompted to create an account when you try to rent, buy or add a title to your Watchlist. Simply select “confirm account creation” and an FandangoNOW account will be created for you. FandangoNOW will send you a welcome mail with additional details about your FandangoNOW account. You can also create an FandangoNOW account from the FandangoNOW website.

I already have an FandangoNOW account, can I use it on Roku?

Yes, you can sign into your FandangoNOW account from either the Movies by FandangoNOW or TV by FandangoNOW main screen by pressing “*” on your remote and selecting the “Sign in” option. You will also be offered the option to sign in when attempting to rent, buy or add to your Watchlist.

Where can I find my FandangoNOW account email address?

While on the Roku home screen, with either “Movies Store by FandangoNOW” or “TV store by FandangoNOW” in focus press the “*” button on your remote control, then select “About”

How Do I find my FandangoNOW password?

If you’ve created your FandangoNOW account on Roku, your Roku account email address will be your FandangoNOW log-in email and FandangoNOW will email you password instructions. If you do not receive password instructions please be sure to check your email's spam filter and if using Gmail check your Promotions folder. 

Where is FandangoNOW available?

FandangoNOW is only available in the U.S. It is unavailable in U.S. territories and possessions.

Is there a maximum number of Roku players I can link to an FandangoNOW account?

Currently, you can watch an FandangoNOW title on up to 5 registered devices per unique FandangoNOW account. The registered devices can be Roku or any supported FandangoNOW device. A device can only be registered to one FandangoNOW account. If you have exceeded this device registration limit, you can de-register a device in order to add another, subject to certain restrictions.


Buying and Renting Questions

How do I pay for FandangoNOW movies or TV shows on Roku?

Any FandangoNOW rentals or purchases made using your Roku player will be charged to your Roku account. When confirming your purchase you may need to enter your 4-digit Roku PIN. You can access FandangoNOW content rented or purchased on Roku on other FandangoNOW supported devices as long as you are signed in with the same FandangoNOW account.

Can I use my Roku account to pay for FandangoNOW rentals and purchases on other devices?

At this time your Roku account can only be used for FandangoNOW rentals and purchased that occur on Roku devices. To buy or rent on other devices you must have a credit card linked to your FandangoNOW account.

How do I redeem a FandangoNOW Promo code?

At this time FandangoNOW promo codes cannot be redeemed on Roku. To use a promo code please make your purchase from the FandangoNOW website. You'll be prompted to enter the promo code as part of the purchase or rental process.

What are FandangoNOW's rental terms?

  • Once you rent a title, you typically have 30 to 60 days to start watching it.
  • Once you select Watch now, you can enjoy your title as many times as you like within 24 hours (select titles may give you 48 hours).
  • You can always see how long you have left. The rental period information will display in the upper right corner of the title's detail screen.

Where are my FandangoNOW rentals and purchases?

Active rentals and all purchases appear in either your “My Movie Library” or your “My TV Library”. If the rental period has expired, you will need to rent the title again or buy it.


Playback Questions

Can I watch my FandangoNOW rentals or purchases on devices other than Roku?

Yes. You can access FandangoNOW content rented or purchased on Roku on other FandangoNOW supported devices as long as you are signed in with the same FandangoNOW account.

When watching a FandangoNOW title can I swap between HD and SD playback?

If you are streaming HD content, the stream should adjust to accommodate changes in your connection speed. However, it is not possible to switch viewing from an HD stream to a SD stream or vice versa.

How many times can I watch a FandangoNOW rental?

You can watch a rental as many times as you like within 24 hours of clicking Watch now (select titles may give you 48 hours).

What if I never watch the FandangoNOW movie I rented?

Rentals expire after the rental period. Usually, you'll be able to rent the title again, or, if it was a movie, purchase it so you can watch it as many times as you want!

Does FandangoNOW support Closed Captioning?

FandangoNOW does support closed Captioning.

Does FandangoNOW offer Surround Sound?

Yes. For customers using an audio video receiver that supports Dolby Digital Plus, you can set your Roku audio mode to Surround in the settings menu.

Why don't I hear any audio when playing a movie in FandangoNOW?

Your Roku may not be connected to a receiver that support Dolby Digital Plus. Try changing your Roku audio mode to Stereo and try again.

How many FandangoNOW titles can I stream at the same time?

You may only stream one instance of a rented movie at a given time. Additionally, you may stream up to five non-UltravioletTM or three UltraVioletTM purchased at the same time.

What Bandwidth do I need for FandangoNOW?

It is recommended that you have at least 1 Mbps for SD content and 3 Mbps or higher for HD content.


UltraVioletTM Questions

What is UltraVioletTM?

Some video services on Roku, such as FandangoNOW and Vudu offer UltraVioletTM titles. UltraVioletTM is a free, cloud-based way of managing digital rights for movies that you purchase. When you buy a movie from a participating provider, it's automatically added to your UltraVioletTM Collection, allowing you to stream it over the Internet and/or download it for offline viewing to a variety of connected devices. Please visit for more information.

Is an UltraVioletTM account required to purchase an UltraVioletTM movie on FandangoNOW?

Yes. Titles with the UltraVioletTM require an UltraVioletTM account linked to your FandangoNOW account to purchase them.

How do I link my UltraVioletTM account to my FandangoNOW account?

If you already have an UltraVioletTM account you can link it to your FandangoNOW account from your Roku player’s Movies or TV main screen by pressing “*” on your remote and selecting “Link to an existing UltraVioletTM account”. You’ll see an option to link to UltraVioletTM account when purchasing an UltraVioletTM title. You’ll be prompted to provide your UltraVioletTM account email address. UltraVioletTM will immediately send you an email asking you to confirm linking FandangoNOW to your UltraVioletTM account. Once you’ve confirmed, you’ll see your UltraViolet library in the movies section.

You can also link your UltraVioletTM account to your FandangoNOW account from the FandangoNOW website.

How do I create an UltraVioletTM account?

You can create an UltraVioletTM account right from your Roku player. You’ll be provided the option to create an account when you try to purchase an UltraVioletTM title. Simply provide your date of birth and select “confirm account creation” and an UltraVioletTM account will be created for you. UltraVioletTM will send you a welcome mail with additional details about your UltraVioletTM account.

You can also create an UltraVioletTM account from the FandangoNOW website or at

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