How can I improve my streaming experience?

If you are experiencing frequent reloading, unable to connect or load content issues, the steps below might help to improve your overall streaming experience.

 Verifying Network Connection 

  • Is it connected?  The first thing to check is whether you have lost your network connection. 
    • From the Home screen, go to Settings>network>repeat guided setup
    • Then try playing the channel content again
  • If you are connected to your network, but you are still getting those playback errors, it’s more a likely wireless strength or Internet speed issue.  Take a look at the other suggestions below: Verifying Wireless Signal Strength or Verifying Internet Connection.
  • If you can not connect to your network, then try running guided setup again just to be safe.  If you get connected, try playing the channel content again.  But if you still encounter playback errors, follow the other suggestions below. 
  • If you can not connect to your network at all, we need to restart your unit and/or other network related parts that may be prevention this connection.

- Restart your player and try the network connection again.  More details and instruction can be found here.

- Restart your network.

  • Unplug the power connection from these network devices in the following order:  Roku player, router, then modem (Note: your modem/router may be the same unit)
  • Plug in the power connection in the reverse order: modem, router, then Roku player
  • Try connecting to the network again from the Roku player

Verifying Wireless Signal Strength

  • Note: you can skip this if your Roku player is wired to your router with an Ethernet cable.  If you are connected using wireless networking, check that the signal strength is at least "good".
  • To check your wireless signal
    • From the Home screen, go to Settings>network and see what is displayed for "Signal strength"
    • If it indicates “fair” or “poor” try these steps to improve the wireless signal here.

If the above gave you a "good" or "better" wireless signal and you can better enjoy streaming content playback, then you are done. 

But if you are still encountering playback issues even with good wireless signal, then you may want to check out the next step: Verifying Internet Connection.

Verifying Internet Connection

  • Check the connection speed of your network to the Internet.  Different channels will have slightly varying minimum Internet connection speed requirements. More details and instruction can be found here.
  • Change some common router settings to optimize your Internet connection. Note that these steps are intended for customers familiar with making changes in their routers and networking components.  If you are not comfortable with these steps, we recommend contacting your network equipment manufacturer for assistance.
  • Wireless channel, quality of service and DNS settings can have affect both wireless network experience and your Internet experience. 
    • Change your wireless channel to a less congested one
    • Disable QoS (Quality of Service) if you are not using this service for priority traffic routing
    • Change DNS servers to improve name resolution
    • More details can be found here.
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