Roku Streaming Stick® (HDMI® Version) (Model 3500) - Setup Instructions


Connect your player

Step 1: Insert the Roku Streaming Stick (HDMI Version) (Model 3500) into an available HDMI port of the TV.
             Connect to power using the provided USB power adapter (recommended) or using the TV's USB port.



Step 2: Open the battery cover and insert the provided batteries.
            Always insert the batteries (-) side first.


Onscreen setup


Here we go!

Don't see this screen on your TV? Check the following:

  • Power connection
  • TV source or input
  • HDMI cable connection



This screen will appear, followed shortly by the below...





... dialogue with instructions to pair the remote.

If your remote is not responding, click here.



Remote found and pairing.                         

If your remote is not responding, do this:

  • Insert batteries


Still not responding, click here.



Select a language.                                                                                  




Click OK on the remote.                                                                                   





Connect to the network.


Select Wireless or Wired network type.




Looking for wireless networks nearby.




Select your wireless network name.





Enter your wireless password

Use Show password to see entered characters.




Look for green check marks.


I see a red x: 
(click any for more details)

- connecting to wireless
- connecting to local
- connecting to Internet




After first network connection, the Roku player will look for an available software update.  


If one is found, click OK on remote to continue.





Software is downloading and will be automatically installed.  The Roku player will restart after completion.






Use the provided code to link the Roku player.

(sample code shown, do not use)


Don't see a code? Click here for more guidance.



Online account setup


On an Internet connected browser, go to and enter the provided code

(sample code shown, do not use)




Use an existing Roku account or create a new one, it's free.





Create a new Roku Account.







Create a PIN.


Using a PIN prevents accidental purchases.





Create payment method.






Explore additional channels to get started.





That's it, you are done!





Your TV will tell you this too!





Happy Streaming!    


(Your channels on your TV may differ from those displayed here)    

  button_-_select_again.png button_-_start_over.png
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