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How can I improve my wireless network signal strength?

Roku Support
posted this on January 28, 2011, 17:37

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Improving wireless connectivity

Wireless networking makes it convenient to connect devices and share networking resources.  If you are connecting wirelessly, your player should have close proximity to your wireless access point or router to receive a strong connection signal. Sometimes a wireless extender or booster can help increase your signal strength throughout your home.

Remember that as with any radio signal, it is subject to environmental factors and interference.  Try the suggestions below to optimize your Roku player's wireless signal.

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 Wireless facts

 Try this to improve the wireless signal

Recessed locations or closed off locations will decrease wireless signal.

  • Do not place the Roku player in a recessed location, ie within a media cabinet. Instead, it should be exposed in the open if possible.

The wireless antenna is fixed on the Roku player.

  • Change the direction the Roku player faces.  Even a few inches one way or the other may improve the reception.

    (Experiment with various spots for optimal signal)

Wireless signal strength decreases with distance from wireless router.

  • Move closer to the wireless router if possible.

Other household devices may emit interference and reduce the wireless signal.

  • Move away from interference sources like cordless phones, microwaves, front of TV screen, etc.

Surrounding materials may block wireless signals.

Dense wall materials, including those containing metal and concrete may affect wireless range.

  • Place the Roku player away from these material types, if possible.
  • If the Roku player is on a metal surface, try placing it on a higher surface by raising it up a few inches.


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