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Roku Player Warranty and Open Source Information

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posted this on Mar 07 11:02

Roku Player License Agreement and Warranty Statements

By using the Roku Player, you agree to the terms and conditions of the License Agreement and Warranty Statements in the documents below.

Select the appropriate document from a region below for more details:

USA and Canada


Roku Player Open Source Resources

For a full list of our Roku Player Open Source Resources, click on the icon below:


End User License Agreement License and Warranty      

End User License Agreement


You will need PDF reader like the one below to view the documents:
Get Adobe Reader


Product Warranty and Return Process*

Click the a link below to contact us regarding questions or concerns about the Roku player,
web_contact.png web_remorse.png
* Product returns for refund only available for purchases made at  For purchases made at all other retailers, please contact your specific retailer for more information.





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