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What is the difference between the Roku Instant Replay (12-button) remote control and the Roku standard (9-button) remote control?

Roku Support
posted this on September 22, 2010 18:03

All Roku remote controls have 9 buttons that enable you to navigate the Roku interface, Start/Pause/Stop media playback and to Fast Forward and Rewind through video (where supported).

Certain Roku players, including the Roku XD and XDS models, come with the Roku Instant Replay remote control, a 12-button remote control that has 3 additional buttons for Instant Replay, Back and Options.

The Roku Instant Replay remote control provides the following features:

Instant Replay – Allows you to skip back during video playback in approximately 7-second intervals. The number of successive skip backs is dependent upon the amount of buffer memory available.

Back – Provides an additional navigation option by enabling you to go back to the previously viewed screen.

Options – Provides more convenient access to existing menu features and additional functions unique to the 12-button remote control. For example, from the Roku home screen, when you have a channel highlighted, you can press the Options button to remove that channel, rate it or view its description.

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