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How do I setup my Roku player (models HD, XD, XDS)?

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posted this on November 20, 2012, 14:57

This article is relevant to these Roku models:

Roku HD (2000X), XD (2050X), XDs (2100X)


Start by determining how you will connect your Roku player to your TV and to your network.  Below are some suggestions based on your model. 

Audio/video Connection

  • Using a HDMI cable is recommended. A single HDMI cable can carry both video and audio signals, and can support up to 1080p HD video playback on Roku players that are 1080p compatible. HDMI cables are sold separately here.
  • Composite cables support standard definition only. It requires the use of an analog (RCA) audio connection. A combination composite and analog audio cable is included with every Roku player. 
  • Component cables (XDS model only) support high definition playback up to 720p on the Roku player.  This connection is video only, so you will need a separate connection for audio.
  • Optical cable (XDS model only) supports 5.1 audio and allows you to connect the Roku player to your receiver.

Network Connection

Will you be using wired or wireless networking to connect your Roku player to your Internet connection?

  • Wireless  – This is the most popular way to connect a Roku player. Make sure you have the appropriate wireless network name (SSID) and your wireless security password, if you use one.
  • Wired – You will need a standard Ethernet cable (not included).


Now that you have made note of the above, select your player model to get started.

The Quick Setup Guides can be found by clicking any model below:


 web_hd_2000.png web_xd_2050.png web_xds_2100.png          web_video_help.png


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