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What is the component cable?

Roku Support
posted this on July 22, 2010, 17:37

A component cable splits the video signal into two or more components, and provides hi-definition video resolution. It provides nearly the same video resolution as HDMI, and is a good option if your TV doesn’t have HDMI inputs or if all your HDMI ports are in use by other devices. This connector is also known as a YPbPr connector. Supports up to 720p playback.

Not all models of Roku players have component connectors. The Roku XDS has component connectors, but it requires a custom cable with a 3.5mm jack on one end and component connectors on the other.  It is only available at our accessory store here. (This custom component cable is not generally available at any retailer.  Standard component cables with red/blue/green connectors at both ends will not work with the Roku XDS)

PLEASE NOTE: This connector is for video only. For an audio signal, you’ll need an audio cable like composite RCA (red/white) or optical. 


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