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My Roku player is not recognized by the Roku Android app. I see a “No Devices Found” message on the “Select a Player” screen. What should I do?

Roku Support
posted this on May 01, 2013 22:17

If you see a “Player not found” message on the player selection screen, your Roku player was not detected over your network.

First, try going through Network setup to ensure your Roku player is visible ("awake") on your home network:

  • Roku 3 & Roku 2 XS: Go to Settings > Network and select either Wireless or Wired (Ethernet).
  • Roku 2 XD, Roku 2 HD & Roku LT: Go to Settings > Network and select Wireless.
  • First-generation Roku players: Go to Settings > Network > Repeat guided setup.

After you have successfully reconnected to your network, tap "Refresh List" on the Roku Android app a few times.

If that did not work, try exiting the Roku Android app, turning your Android device’s Wi-Fi off and on and re-launching the app.

If the app still does not show your Roku player, try powering down your Roku player, Android device and router. Restart all devices, wait 3 minutes, then launch the Roku Android app again.

Finally, confirm your Roku player is on the same network as your Android device:

  1. On your Android device, open Settings and check your network's IP address. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Your network name and write down the number next to "IP Address". Your IP address will be a four-part number (e.g.
  2. Now, check the IP address of your Roku player. Go to Settings > About for Roku 3, Roku 2 and Roku LT players. Go to Settings > Player info from original Roku players. Write down the number next to “IP Address.”
  3. The first three of four numbers of the IP address of your Android device and your Roku player should match (e.g. 10.3.4 from IP address If these numbers do not match, your Roku player and Android device are not on the same network.

If the IP address numbers do not match and your Roku player and Android device are not on the same network, try the following:

  • If your Roku player is connected via Wi-Fi, check your Android device or your Roku player aren’t accidentally connected to a neighbor’s Wi-Fi network.
  • If your Roku player is connected via Ethernet, connect it wirelessly to the same Wi-Fi network as your Android device. Go through Wi-Fi setup on your Roku player by selecting Settings > Network. Have your network password ready.
  • If you are using a combination cable modem/wireless router, try adding a separate wireless router to your network and connecting your Roku player and Android device to it.

If you have multiple wireless routers in your home, check that your Roku player and

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