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How do I add or purchase a channel?

Roku Support
posted this on July 19, 2011, 23:59

This article is applicable to the following models:

 Models ALL Roku player models (US)


Channel and game purchases cannot be processed at  They can be purchased via the Roku Channel Store following the instructions below.

To add a channel from the Roku Channel Store:

  • From the Roku home screen, select Channel Store 
  • Browse and select a channel
  • Select “Buy” or "Add" (depending on the channel)
  • Confirm your purchase. Depending on your Channel Store PIN preferences you may be asked to enter your PIN to complete your purchase.
  • Note: Some channels may require an additional subscription to use.

To add a private channel:

  • Log into your Roku account at and select “Add a private channel".
  • Enter the code you received from the channel developer.
  • Within 24 hours the channel will appear on your Roku player’s home screen and to “My Channels” in the Roku Channel Store. (to sync immediately, on your Roku player go to Settings>System update>Check now)
  • Note: Some channels may require an additional subscription to use.

Why setup a PIN on a Roku account?

A PIN will help prevent accidental purchases from being made in the Roku Channel Store.  The purchaser will need to enter the PIN each time a purchase is requested.  This will keep curious hands from adding charges to your payment method on file.  You can also set the PIN to trigger when any channel is requested, including free ones.

You can setup a PIN in the following ways:

  • During the Roku account creation process, or
  • Log into your Roku account from a browser, and click on "Update" next to Pin Preference

Note: Roku recommends using a PIN for families with children, or when the Roku player is shared in a common area.  Roku typically does not provide refunds for Channel Store purchases.  Please see Channel Store policy here.

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